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Category: Royal Mountain Records

Wild Pink Teams With Wyatt C. Louis on Lovely “Oh Vibrant Sky,” a Soft & Sweet Folk Dream

Wyatt C. Louis and Wild Pink’s new single “Oh Vibrant Sky” arrives off the Plains Cree singer/songwriter’s forthcoming debut album, and showcases the delicate, nuanced and subtly rich nature of what both sides do best: Make harmonious music that invites a second (or third) listen.
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Stream: “Oh Vibrant Sky” – Wyatt C. Louis, Wild Pink

There’s a special sort of alchemy when two artists complement each other and play to their strengths – not a complete overlap of a musical or sonic Venn diagram, but a pleasing sort of intersection all the same.

That intersection of sorts is on display right from the jump in “Oh Vibrant Sky,” the lovely collaborative new single between folksy singer/songwriter Wyatt C. Louis and New York indie rocker John Ross of Wild Pink.

The single arrives off the forthcoming Chandler, which is due out May 24th on Royal Mountain Records.

Oh Vibrant Sky - Wyatt C. Louis ft. Wild Pink
Oh Vibrant Sky – Wyatt C. Louis ft. Wild Pink

A mix of softer and more classically rock n’roll influences dot Louis’ music, not unlike the discography of Wild Pink, which has spawned comparisons to everyone from early-era Death Cab for Cutie (on its harder-rocking, slightly more emo-tinged debut) to The War On Drugs (see: releases like 2018 Wild Pink LP Yolk in the Fur).

The balance between the two weaves in and out of the song, as Royal Mountain Records notes.

The duo “shared ideas, textures and lyrics over a series of months during 2023,” as Ross’ vocals sit lower in the mix and lilting guitar carries the sweetly sung track forward.

“I was glad Wyatt asked me to write this song with them,” Ross said. “I’m a big fan of their songwriting and this came together pretty organically. They’ve got a way of making this song sound laid back but poignant at the same time.”

Chandler - Wyatt C. Louis
Chandler – Wyatt C. Louis

The release adds to a prolific array of singles already released by Louis ahead of the album, including “Carefree,” “In Emerald,” and “Bobtail Road.”

The collaboration was a natural fit that immediately played to the strengths of both artists, Louis said in a statement.

“Writing with John, this song quickly found its footing,” they said. “It gives me nostalgia for my early festival days. All packed together with friends, waiting for the next band. Or volunteering and signing up for the early morning shifts, just so you could sneak in a soundcheck.”

Nodding to “the other side of this,” Louis added, “I feel very fortunate to share these experiences with nîcimos (the Cree word for sweetheart).”

Wyatt C. Louis © Vanessa Heinsedit
Wyatt C. Louis © Vanessa Heinsedit

Louis also appreciates the sense of community and healing that comes with it.

“Oh Vibrant Sky” is the softest track on the record. I wanted to slow things down, and reflect on how all of this has shaped me throughout the years,” Louis said.

It also adds to the growing, ever-prolific discography of both artists: Wild Pink just debuted a three-song EP Strawberry Eraser, led by the genre-blurring track “Air Drumming Fix You.”

At this rate, one would certainly welcome future collaborative releases from Louis and Wild Pink together, as “Oh Vibrant Sky” lives up to its beautiful name and lush sonic backdrop handily.

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Stream: “Oh Vibrant Sky” – Wyatt C. Louis, Wild Pink

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Oh Vibrant Sky - Wyatt C. Louis ft. Wild Pink

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