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Author: Greg Migliore

Autoblog celebrates 20 years of obsessively covering the car industry

DETROIT — Twenty years is an unmistakable milestone. Autoblog launched in June 2004, when the world and the car business were very different places. Fast forward to June 2024, and we’re faced with new things to write about, new cars to drive and new ways to bring you as much car information as you can handle.

For us, it’s a privilege and a daily challenge to deliver car news, reviews and buying information as thoroughly and creatively as we can. Ironically, “blog” is a dated term, but it’s more relevant than ever. At the start, we were indeed a blog, with new stories posted multiple times an hour. Now, we’re a full-service automotive website, but the mission of a blog — to reinvent itself every day — still holds true.

We’re always looking for the next big thing. As we sit here in another June moment of reflection, the next big things appear to be AI, EVs and autonomous vehicles. We saw two of those three coming, back in 2019 at our 15-year anniversary, and if you think about it, AI was inevitable.

Plenty of other things have happened since then that we did not see coming: the rebirth of the modern labor movement, a global chips shortage and a pandemic that upended the car industry. At every turn, we’ve tried to adapt and keep Autoblog readers informed.

We’ve had an interesting history since we launched on June 1, 2004. We created nearly 158,000 articles, more than 43,000 photo galleries and 836 podcasts. There have been five editors-in-chief and more than 170 writers and producers. Today, Autoblog is owned by Yahoo Inc., though we’ve also been owned by Verizon, Oath, AOL and Weblogs in previous lives.

As part of the celebration, we’ve compiled a list of the most significant cars of the past 20 years, and we have a collection of 20th Anniversary items available in our gear store. You can also hear us talk about it on this week’s podcast.

It’s been quite a ride. Today we mark 20 years of “obsessively covering the auto industry.” While it’s a time of celebration, it’s also a moment of thanks to you, our readers. Thank you for riding with us. We invite you to continue our journey together through the car world.

Greg Migliore


June 2024


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